our aims

Communities are driven by the arts. We think so, anyway, and this belief is at the heart of what we do. Creative expression is unique in the way it brings people together - it provides us with shared experiences, allowing us to hear stories and to have our stories heard. 

We feel it is our duty to help the arts take on this role within the communities we work in. We like to break our mission down into three core aims:



We work locally, and understanding the everyday lives of the people within communities we work with is crucial to our work. All of our projects, programs and events aim to bring people together. We want to create spaces for people to be creative and to be inspired by the creativity of others. These spaces can become a real community hub for people, strengthening bonds and helping to build a sense of local identity.



When people talk about placemaking, they’re usually referring to the urban development of public spaces from a planning or a design perspective. Even in this context, placemaking is always about drawing on an area’s strengths to create spaces that can make people happy and help their community thrive. We believe that the arts are just as important as bricks and mortar when it comes to building a healthy and happy community and we strive to create spaces that celebrate and nurture this relationship.


Intercultural exchange

Communities with the arts at their heart have a common language. Connections can be made across cultures, languages and continents. As things stand, we usually see this happening in areas with denser populations. Denser populations mean more artists, and suddenly we see wonderful global connections flourishing across artistic communities worldwide. In big cities.

Trinacria passionately believes that local communities deserve to take part in this kind of intercultural exchange and will always strive to create opportunities for diverse groups of artists to work in less well-served locations around the globe.