Past Performances

August 12, 2018
June 5, 2019


Sean Devare (violin)
Elena Kritter
Mariagrazia La Fauci
Dario Ladani Sanchez (chitalele)
Max Sklar (accordion)

Also performed BY

Josephine Cooper

Alessandra runs away from her home, her school, and her loving but overbearing grandmother to spend a day enjoying the sights and sounds in Messina. However, she can’t seem to escape a ghost that follows her around the city, causing absolute mayhem everywhere she goes. After an encounter with a weird but wise psychic, Alessandra decides to speak with the ghost to learn why it won’t leave her alone.

This short original play was devised by Trinacria Theatre Company members over the course of one week in the village of Pezzolo in Messina and drew inspiration from the surrounding community’s strong familial and ancestral bonds. The entire performance was built using only objects found in a traditional Sicilian home used in unexpected ways. The piece also inventively reinterpreted famous Messina landmarks such as the Cathedral Clocktower and the statue of Neptune.

Photo from the 2018 performance by Placido Carbone

Photo from the 2018 performance by Placido Carbone



This video presents a selection of scenes from A Ghost Story: the sculpting of the Fountain of Neptune, a trip to the movie theatre, an encounter with the Professoressa Bernarda (inspired by a real Messina clairvoyant) and the penultimate scene, taking place in the Strait of Messina.

With Sean Devare, Elena Kritter, Mariagrazia La Fauci, Dario Ladani Sanchez and Max Sklar. Filmed by Placido Carbone.


Rehearsal photos

Photography by Grazia Ferrera