USA Performance Tour Schedule Annnounced

Dear friends and followers,

Greetings from beautiful Sicilia! The company is finishing up our first week of rehearsals, learning, working, and touring around this incredible island. Our story focuses on the Messinese character of Colapesce, the son of a Sicilian fisherman who winds up saving his beloved island, and after meeting many locals and visiting Colapesce's haunts, we can see why he loved Sicily so much! 

We are having a blast and learning a lot from the land and from one another - but more importantly, we are also so thrilled to be announcing our US Performance Tour schedule to all of you!

With 2 performances in New York City and 3 performances in and around the Boston area, we hope to connect with a wide variety of audiences, Sicilians and non-Sicilians alike.  Most importantly, we are so excited to be performing in these locations, all of which are so central to our core mission:

  • In New York, you can see us on August 24th and 25th at INTAR, one of the longest-running Latino theaters in the US. INTAR stands for International Arts Relation, and is committed to the ideal of "theatre without borders."
  • The Watertown Order of the Sons of Italy has already been our gracious host for our first rehearsals at the beginning of August. A familiar spot for many in the greater Boston area Italian community, the Watertown Sons of Italy is dedicated to promoting Italian culture and heritage. You can catch us there on August 26th.
  • Langone Park in the North End is a beautiful spot overlooking the Boston Harbor and the Charlestown Navy Yard, much in keeping with our show's nautical theme. The North End is of course renowned as one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Boston, and is a key location for Italian immigrants in the US. The afternoon of August 27th at Langone Park is also the only chance in the US to see our show as it was intended to be seen: outdoors, by the fresh ocean air.
  • We finish our US tour at the fisherman's church of St. John's in Gloucester - an appropriate spot, given that our story's protagonist is the son of a fisherman! Gloucester is also well known as having a strong Italian community, especially visible during the fisherman's Feast of St. Peter, held every summer in Gloucester. A portion of the proceeds from the August 27th performance at St. John's Episcopal Church will benefit St. John's Youth Ministry.

The performance calendar on our website offers more details (go to "About Us," and then "Our Performances"), such as exact times, locations, and ticket prices. We will also be announcing our Sicilian performance schedule soon. Keep an eye out on our Facebook or Instagram to hear the news, or to just to keep up with our work here in Sicily!

We miss you all and look forward to sharing our stories with all of you. 

Con tanto amore,

The Trinacria Theatre Company

A Message from the Artistic Director

A Message from the Artistic Director

Dear friends and followers,

Almost two years ago, on a summer day in Sicily so hot it felt like my mind was melting, an idea struck me. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe it is the kind of magical inspiration that lies hidden and proud in the Sicilian mountainsides, but I was suddenly hit by an realization--one that felt so very obvious, I wondered why I'd never had it before. My heart had always called two places home: Sicily, and the theatre. I had always believed that the arts could have a tremendous impact on a community, and that there was no community more beautiful or deserving of artistic attention than the villages of Southern Messina, the part of the world I am proud to call home. On that day, I saw how I could bring the two worlds into contact. That seed of an idea took hold, and it just kept growing.

After two years of talking and planning with people all over the world, I am so excited and proud to write to you today as the Artistic Director of the Trinacria Theatre Company. I have a group of 7 of the most talented individuals I have ever met standing behind me, and our plans are falling into place, crystallizing from the daydream of that hot and hazy summer day two years ago into a real and present reality. This summer, we set sail into uncharted waters as the Trinacria Theatre Company takes her maiden voyage. This work will be brand new, bold, and in many ways a daring adventure. But we have received so much love and support from people on both sides of the ocean, pushing us forward to take this leap, that we know we will land on our feet.

We still haven't made it yet, and we need your help. Our goal is to raise $16,000 in the next 2 months to make this summer the tremendous success that it is already shaping up to be. That's a lot of money and not much time, but we are confident that with your help, we can make it happen. Your donation helps our company provide the following:

  • Housing at S. Placido Cuppari Agricultural High School for our performers - best of all, our rental of this space goes to benefit a local school, which honors Sicilian traditions by teaching local dialect, training future leaders in Sicilian agriculture (the island's primary economic basis), and promoting Sicilian gastronomy and history with the Enoteca (wine cellar and wine production museum)
  • Our meals while in Sicily, which will be purchased from local sources as often as possible
  • Transportation for company members while in Sicily, so that we can tour our performance to different villages in Southern Messina
  • Production costs for our performances in both the US and Italy, such as basic costumes, sets, other materials
  • Rental fees for rehearsals and performances in both the US and Italy
  • Legal fees, insurance, incorporation, and other company overhead

None of this will be possible without your generosity--and every lira counts! Our company is gaining great traction and we are making huge strides towards making a difference, but we can't do it without you. 

Click below to see our Indiegogo page, watch our campaign video, and give to our first year.

Two years ago, I could not imagine writing this letter. But I am so grateful for this opportunity to speak to you from my heart, and ask you to stand by my side. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can make beautiful art. Thank you for being a part of our journey.



Mariagrazia LaFauci

Artistic Director

Meet our company!

Meet our company!

Last month, we held two days of auditions in Boston and two days of auditions in New York - and were absolutely stunned by the turnout. Over 45 talented artists and performers came out and auditioned. We were dazzled by the work we saw; in just 10 minutes, these strangers came together to create beautiful micro-performances based on a passage from The Odyssey where Odysseus encounters the monsters of the Strait of Messina, Scylla and Charybdis. We witnessed the creation of swirling, bubbling whirlpools and terrible, slithering monsters...and then we had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with every performer who auditioned, witnessing their passion, creativity, and spirit first-hand. We were blown away by the wealth of talent we saw--with only 5 spots to fill, we could have cast our company ten times over!

Though our choices were challenging, in the end we constructed a team of 8 ensemble performers with a wide variety of complementary skills and experiences, all of whom are fiercely passionate about cultural exchange, theatrical exploration, and community development.

We are so pleased to finally introduce you to our players!

Josephine Cooper is an artist who is passionate about the collaboration process of theatre!  Josephine studies acting and directing at Emerson College in Boston.  She has recently performed in a workshop performance with director Thaddeus Phillips of Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental, and starred in many other plays at Emerson.  Last year, Josephine began to explore devised theatre by working with a group of artists and maintenance workers at Emerson, to create a devised piece about their lives and journeys to the US in their own voices.  Last summer, Josephine performed in the world premiere of a new play for the NYC International Fringe.  She also works in TV and film, having recently been in a new mini-series for Comedy Central created by Ilana Glazer of Broad City, and is currently nominated for Best Actress at The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival for March.  Josephine is honored to be making this journey will Trinacria Theatre Company! Combining theatre making, world travel, education, and heritage- it doesn’t get much better than that!  Josephine would like to deeply thank those who donate to this inspiring new company!

Sean Devare is a NY-based multi-disciplinary theatre artist, designer, and avid traveler, previously working abroad with Dell'Arte International (Bali) and Dramatic Adventure Theatre (Ecuador). He was a resident actor at The Flea where he appeared in 'The Cutthroat Series' and '#serials@theflea.' Other NY credits: 'The Saltmakers' (Dixon Place/HERE); 'Artaud Artaud' (Signature/Columbia); 'The Tutors' (The Kraine). He studied theatre at Brown University where he created an original solo show, 'Into the West,' featuring his own mask and projection designs. Sean specializes in mask design and physical theatre, and is working on a new adaptation of the Grimms' 'Juniper Tree' featuring original archetype masks and puppets integrated through devised theatre. He has created masks and props for INTAR Theatre, The Ume Group, and Underling Productions. Training includes: Movement Theater Studio, Old Trout Puppet Workshop, and Per Brahe. BFA in Illustration, RISD. Sean will be pursuing an MFA in Theatre this fall at Sarah Lawrence.


Quinton Kappel is a visual artist, filmmaker, performer, designer, and jack of all artistic trades. He received his BFA in Film & Illustration from Tufts University together with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. His work strives to integrate his passion for performance with visual and digital mediums of storytelling, in areas as wide-varied as gallery spaces, video game development, visual effects, performing arts, production design, set design and more. Favorite roles include Hamlet, Steindorff (Bach at Leipzig), Mercutio (Romeo & Juliet), Claudio (Much Ado About Nothing), Hanschen (Spring’s Awakening), Lancelot (Spamalot!), and Orsino (Twelfth Night). His professional voice work includes clients such as Dunkin Donuts, ESPN, Warner Brothers, Jersey Jack Pinball, and more. As a film maker, he has filmed, edited, animated, and directed a wide variety of projects, and as a producer, his work includes nationally syndicated commercials for clients such as Dunkin' Donuts, LG, Chili's, Bank of America, Great Wolf Lodge, ESPN, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Capella University. His viral YouTube video, “105 Impressions,” was featured in the Huffington Post and Yahoo News, while the first episode of his web series “We Have a Dinosaur,” earned over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Elena Kritter is a New York City based actor, director, producer and personal trainer. From studying Shakespeare in Oxford, England, playing with Balinese masks in New York City, and producing off-off broadway plays, Elena brings a broad a spectrum of knowledge and experience. She believes that "to theatre", allows for a necessary cyclical process of growth in self and community. She is excited to work with her fellow artists in Trinacria and together become apart of that cyclical event between countries, stories, and people. Recent credits include The Drunken City (Battalion Theatre), As You Like It (Shakespeare on the Sound), and ‘Adara’ in Kasuba Mukuka's short film, The Dark Room. Elena completed the 2-Year Full Time Meisner Training Program at the William Esper Studio, BADA's Midsummer at Oxford Program, The Maggie Flanigan Studio’s Summer Intensive, and received at B.A in Theatre from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Mariagrazia LaFauci (Artistic Director) was born and bred in Boston, but raised with Italian as a first language and Sicily as a second home. She graduated from Brown University in 2012 with a degree in History of Art and Architecture, but found her home in the Theatre Department. During her senior year, Mariagrazia wrote and performed Alexandria, a solo show dealing with the heritage, history, mythology, and “ghost stories” of her Sicilian upbringing. Following graduation, her work has focused on directing (favorite credits include Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo, Bach at Leipzig, Doubt: A Parable, and Twelfth Night) and teaching theatre. She has taught in a variety of locations including Saint Joseph Preparatory High School (where she helped create the school’s first academic theatre arts program), Stoneham Theatre’s young company, Jammin’ With You!, Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston, and more. Trinacria Theatre Company evolved out of Mariagrazia’s artistic desire to use theatre to address, explore, and discuss issues of cultural memory in global communities. She is so grateful to all those who are sharing in the journey!

Kathleen Lewis is a Boston-based actor that hails from north country Maine, where she studied theater arts at Bowdoin College. She is currently devising a project using Bavarian Fairy Tales with a group of experimental physical theater artists from Boston, NYC, and Maine to be showcased in 2016. Her most recent performance was as a rapping, dancing, 90's clad lesbian in Gina Youngs's, Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo. Before that she was an intergalactic hacker for Kevin Mullins's space opera, Citizens of the Empire. She is a member of Beau Jest Moving Theatre, a Boston-based physical theater company that finished touring an original film noir play titled Apartment 4D in February. She has had the pleasure of working with a number of Boston theater companies including Boston Public Works, Flat Earth Theatre, Post-Meridian Radio Players, Fort Point Theatre, and Boston Bohemia to name a few. And now, she cannot wait to dive into work with Trinacria Theatre Company on this exciting physical theater, Sicilian myth telling adventure.

Dario Ladani Sanchez is entering his final semester at Northeastern University, where his studies have focused on rhetoric, theatre, and Portuguese. From Washington, D.C., Dario is the first person in his family to be born in the United States, and will be the first to finish college... unless his dad beats him to it with those sneaky online classes. In addition to acting, he loves playing music, screwing around with martial arts, pretending to have a unique fashion sense, and eating his way through Boston. Theatre roles include Peter in The Heidi Chronicles, Alejandro in Welcome to Arroyo's, Prep in columbinus, and David in A Wake for David's Fucked-Up Face (his first time performing in New York!); he also starred in the Emmy award-winning webseries Paper Trail. Dario is extremely excited to be a part of this new, exciting, intercultural experiment!

Max Sklar is a local actor based in Salem MA. He received his BA from McGill university. He is currently a cast member of Othello in the Seraglio (Meddah) with Dünya, Cry Innocent: the People Versus Bridget Bishop with History Alive!, and The Diary of Perpetua (various roles) with Still Small. Past credits include Love's Labour's Lost (Costard), Macbeth (Ross), A Trolley Christmas Carol for the Griffen Theater in Salem, and performances in Puglia Italy for the Orlando Innamorato Festival; Il Viaggio Segreto (Giuseppe Verdi), and La Terra Promessa (Il Funzionario). College productions include All's Well That Ends Well (Dumaine lord 1), Ben Johnson's The Alchemist (Abel Drugger), and Timon of Athens (Poet, Ventidius, Caiphis, and Senator). Apart from acting, Max is passionate about languages and translation. He is a tour guide, and works as the foreign language tour manager for Cambridge Historical Tours. He is also an amateur Old Time music player and plays the Mandolin and the Bandoneón. 


Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting our brand new site, and for supporting the mission of the Trinacria Theatre Company. We are so pleased to announce our company's grand opening, and the start of what is sure to be a wonderful journey.

We have already received such a tremendously positive response from our communities. Less than 24 hours after officially launching our Facebook page, we accumulated more than 100 likes and followers. Our Sicilian hosts, the Enoteca Provinciale at San Placido Calonerò, have been gracious and enthusiastic about our upcoming residency. Interest in this project is growing, and we hope the energy will only continue to spread.

Over the course of the next month, we plan to announce audition opportunities in both Boston and New York City for interested performers and theatre makers, and soon afterward we look forward to introducing you, our visitors and supporters, to the company members. We also will be announcing a summer performance schedule in both Sicily and the United States.

Soon, we will be officially launching our IndieGogo campaign, as we work toward raising the amount required to make this company a success in its first year of operation. Our funding goal is to raise at least $15,000 through our IndieGogo and $24,000 overall to support our first season. If you believe in our work, we hope you will consider making a donation to help us to fulfill our mission of creating a cultural and artistic landscape to honor the beautiful heritage of the Sicilian people. We also will be reaching out to local foundations and organizations that can help us achieve our fundraising goals. If you or anyone you know can put us in contact with organizations that you believe will support our company's mission, please contact us at We'd love to hear from you!

If you have not yet done so, please check out the links at the bottom of the page to like us on Facebook, join our mailing list, or just contact us if you would like to learn more. We'd love to hear from you!

This is the start of something beautiful. Thank you for being here.