Alive in a beautiful and mysterious way...packed a powerful emotional punch.
— Travis Manni, New England Theatre Geek

Past performances

August 16 - 27, 2016


Josephine Cooper (vocals)
Sean Devare (violin)
Quinton Kappel
Elena Kritter
Mariagrazia La Fauci
Kathleen Lewis
Dario Ladani Sanchez (guitar)
Max Sklar (mandolin)

Inspired by an old folktale of a half-boy half-fish from Messina who sacrifices himself to save the island, La Storia di Colapesce is a fantastical, physical journey through the kingdoms of land and sea.



Poster by Quinton Kappel, title font by Sean Devare

Highlights from rehearsals for and performances of La Storia di Colapesce. Filmed by Quinton Kappel & Eva Gomez, edited by Quinton Kappel.

Trinacria Theatre Company featured on RAI Italia's "Community," first aired Nov 14th, 2016. Interview by Stefano Salimbeni, filmed and edited by Luis Goncalves.


Sicily tour


Piazza San Nicolo di Bari

Villaggio Pezzolo, August 16


Chiesa di San Giovanni

Santo Stefano di Briga, August 18


Il Monastero

San Placido Calonerò, August 20


Castello Rufo Ruffo

Scaletta Zanclea, August 21

USA tour


Sons of Italy

Watertown MA, August 26


Langone Park

Boston's North End, August 27


St. John's Episcopal Church

Gloucester MA, August 27


Audience responses

If you consider yourself a fan of theatre in any way, do whatever you can to see Trinacria Theatre Company’s La Storia di was, quite simply, breathtaking. The craftsmanship on display from this ensemble represents everything that theatre should be about. I sat with my mouth agape in joy through the performance, astonished at the artistry on display. Bravissimo!
An amazing, inspiring, and one of a kind performance.
An inspiring night of theater. Colapesce was enchanting.
An outstanding performance...truly beautiful, funny and fantastical.
Cannot get over how impressed I was with the show...spectacular. Loved that it transcended language...what an amazing story to bring to life.
A truly beautiful piece of devised theatre, ethically created by collaborating Sicilian locals, that will take your breath incredible production.
La Storia di Colapesce is clever, funny, thoughtful and touching all at the same time.

production photos

Click to enlarge. Photos taken by Lee Bader Photography.


sicily rehearsal & performance photos

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